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Ghana's 2007 Dated Coins

A re-valuation of the Cedi along with a new series of coins and a new series of banknotes were first announced about 3rd May 2007. The re-valuation and the release of the new coins and banknotes took place on 3rd July 2007. Four zeroes were lost from the Cedi. 10000 of the old "Cedis" became 1 of the new "Ghana Cedi". One consequence of this is that the sub-division of the "Ghana Cedi", the "Ghana Pesewa" has some relevance. Following previous definitions, the "Ghana Pesewa" is one-hundreth of a "Ghana Cedi". The new coins range from 1 Ghana Pesewa to 1 Ghana Cedi. Like the previous coinage issue, dated 1999, these new coins were all made by the Royal Canadian Mint. They are made from steel with special multi-ply plating - as used by the mint in the production of recent circulation coins for many other countries e.g. Barbados, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Uganda.

The country name "GHANA", the date (only "2007" as yet) and the Ghanian coat-of-arms are to be found on the obverse of all of the coins. Read here about the Ghanian Coat-of-arms .

Ghana 1 Ghana Pesewa 2007
Ghana 1 Ghana Pesewa (scale 250dpi)
The reverse of the 1 Ghana Pesewa shows Adomi Bridge. Diameter 17mm.

Ghana 5 Ghana Pesewas 2007
Ghana 5 Ghana Pesewas (scale 250dpi)
The reverse of the 5 Ghana Pesewas shows a horn blower. Diameter 18mm.

Ghana 10 Ghana Pesewas 2007
Ghana 10 Ghana Pesewas (scale 250dpi)
The reverse of the 10 Ghana Pesewas shows a book. Diameter 20.5mm.

Ghana 20 Ghana Pesewas 2007<>
Ghana 20 Ghana Pesewas (scale 250dpi)<>
The reverse of the 20 Ghana Pesewas shows a cocoa pod. Diameter 23.5mm.

Ghana 50 Ghana Pesewas 2007
Ghana 50 Ghana Pesewas (scale 250dpi)
The reverse of the 50 Ghana Pesewas shows a market woman. Diameter 26.5mm.

Ghana 1 Ghana Cedi 2007
Ghana 1 Ghana Cedi (scale 250dpi)
The reverse of the 1 Ghana Cedi shows the scales of justice within a wreath. Diameter 28mm.


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NOTE - in August 2013 I got a 2012 date piece of the "Ghana 5 Ghana Pesewas" type.