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Mozambique’s Two Most Recent Circulation Coins

Mozambique became the fifty-third member of the Commonwealth of Nations in November 1995. It was the first country to be admitted to the organisation that was not a former British colony. One important fact as to why Mozambique joined the Commonwealth was that all of its neighbours were already members.

The site of the  Bank of Mozambique  includes a “chronology” section. Legislation dates for some circulation coinage series are given, though not for the 1994 dated series of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Meticais. I can only assume that that series was first issued before November 1995. So it would seem that there are just two circulation types that have been issued by Mozambique since it joined the Commonwealth. These two types are the 1998 dated 5000 Meticais and the 2003 dated 10000 Meticais.

Mozambique 5000 Meticais 1998
The 1998 dated 5000 Meticais.

According to the bank’s site, on 28th September 1998, notice number 7/GGBM/98 determined “the entry into circulation in the Republic of Mozambique of a new coin with the face value of Meticais 5000.00.”. Assumably the release into circulation of this new type will have within a few months of that time.

The obverse of the coin shows the country’s name above and the date “1998” below Mozambique’s state emblem. The reverse design comprises an image of electric power lines and pylons with the denomination “5000 METICAIS” below. The main subject of this reverse design is something I have perhaps never seen on any other coin types. This type is round with a milled edge, has a diameter 28.55 mm, has a mass of 14.0 grams and appears to be made from Ni-plated-Steel.

Mozambique 10000 Meticais 2003
The 2003 dated 10000 Meticais.

This is Mozambique’s latest circulation coin, though the Bank of Mozambique’s website still lacks information about it. At the end of August 2004, the bank announced that two new papermoney types would be introduced on 1st September 2004 and that a new 10000 Meticais bi-metallic coin type would also be introduced. The 10000 Meticais is dated 2003, assumably because it was either produced in 2003 or the legislation authorising its issue was passed during that year. It seems that now, at the end of 2004, there is still little circulation, if any, of these new coins. This is believed to be due to the continued use of the bank’s stocks of banknotes of this denomination. Very few world coin dealers have had stock of this type upto now.

The obverse of the coin shows the country’s name above and the date “2003” below Mozambique’s state emblem on the obverse - all very similar to Mozambique’s other recent coins. The main subject of the reverse design is a Rhinoceros - quite reminiscent of that on the bi-metallic 5 Dollar coins of Zimbabwe.

This type is round with an edge of 4 milled and 4 plain sections. The type has a diameter 26.75 mm, has a mass of 8.1 grams and is bi-metallic apparently with an inner core of Copper-Nickel and an outer ring of Nickel-Brass.

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