Mauritania's current coins

The 28th June 1973 was the last day that Mauritania would use the CFA Franc (West), this was a move away from the French influence behind the CFA. Until then the West Afrcian States coins will have been used, and of course their predecessors would have been the French West Afrcian coins. The 1972 dated 500 Francs coin of the West African States commemorating the tenth anniversary of this monetary union, actually names each of the countries that were members at that time. Mauritania is, of course, included.

Mauritania 5 Ouguiya 1999/1420
The 1999A.D. / A.H.1420 5 Ouguiya of Mauritania (Image from David Hope)

The series of Mauritanian coins that commenced in 1973 is still current, with the very likely exception of the 1/5 Ouguiya coin which was only ever issued with the date 1973. This denomination may seem odd, but must have existed mainly due to the fact the intial rate of exchange of CFA Franc to the Ouguiya was 5 CFA Francs to 1 Ouguiya, also the 1/5 Ouguiya had a name of it own, the Ouguiya was divided into 5 Khouma. (I wonder which of these two facts came about first - was the Ouguiya divided into five because that was how many CFA Francs there were to 1 Ouguiya  _OR_  was the Ouguiya initally fixed to equal 5 CFA Francs as the people already had a name for a fifth of an Ouguiya ?)

In addition to those many dates listed in the SCWC for Mauritanian coins of denominations 1, 5, 10 and 20 Ouguiya, pieces in all but the 1 Ouguiya denomination are known to exist with the date AH1418/1997AD and denominations 5 and 10 Ouguiya with date AH1420/1999AD.

A non-circulating gold coin of 500 Francs was issued by Mauritania in 1975 and this, it seems, is the only Mauritanian coin to have been made by the Paris mint. I seem to remember reading, over a year ago, someone’s report of a visit to a German (?) mint, where they saw Mauritanian circulation coins being produced.

It is a “maybe” that Algeria’s bi-metallic coins of the early 1990’s were made in Germany, but now it seems that Algeria makes these types in its own mint. Just maybe the Algerian mint makes some/all of the Mauritanian coins now. Some Algerian coins use Aluminium-Nickel-Bronze and so do some Mauritanian coins. Mauritania’s current coins additionally only use one other coining metal and that is Copper-Nickel.

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