You may be think - “Where ?”

This is a sparsely populated country on Africa’s north-west coast. It was previously a Spanish possesion. It last status under Spanish rule was “Overseas Province” which was from 1958 to 1975 (General Franco’s time). Spain gave up its possesion in 1975 and the territory was then divided between two of its neighbours Morrocco and Mauritania. A few years later Mauritania gave up any claim to the area. Morrocco continues to occupy the region.

There are some coins for Saharawi Arab D.R., reflecting Spanish influence on the region's culture the currency is called “Peseta”. However most of these coins are crown sized and/or of precious metals, so they are obviously not intended for circulation. The few smaller coin types (1, 2, 5, 50 Pesetas) appear suited for circulation but likely they never did. (Does anyone know for sure ?)

Saharawi Arab D.R. 5 Pesetas 1992
1, 2 and 50 Pesetas coins (plus a 100 Pesetas design) follow the design of this the 1992 dated 5 Pesetas coin. (Image from Cliff Anderson)

As for what circulates in Saharawi Arab D.R. ......

In the freed territories of the Western Sahara the Algerian Dinar circulates though there is nothing to buy there. In the Saharawi refugee camps (in Algeria), three different currencies, the Algerian Dinar, the US Dollar and the Spanish Pesetas see use. (Thanks to someone on the newsgroup   for this information.)

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