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Sudan's 21st Century Coins

   In September 2003, along with an example of the new variety of the 1419/1999 20 Dinars (See Sudan Page 1of 2), I got three new Sudan types, each with a 21st century date. These new types were a 5 Dinars, a 10 Dinars and a 50 Dinars.

Sudan 5 Dinars 1424/2003
Sudan's 5 Dinars coin of 1424/2003 (scan scaled to 200dpi).

   The 5 Dinars coin is apparently of Brass and has a plain edge. This new type is generally similar to the larger 5 Dinars type of 1417/1996, but differs sufficiently to require a new type number (as opposed to a sub-type number). Both types have designs that comprise the same general elements, but distinct differences can be seen in border ornamentations, flower positions (to each side of the denomination numeral) and the general size and exact positioning details for all of the design elements on both sides.

Sudan 10 Dinars 1424/2003
Sudan's 10 Dinars coin of 1424/2003 (scan scaled to 200dpi).

   The 10 Dinars coin is apparently of Brass and has a plain edge. The differences between this new 10 Dinars type and the previous 10 Dinars type are rather similar to those seen when comparing the "old" (1417/1996) and "new" (1424/2003) 5 Dinars types. These two coins were the first I had ever had, from anywhere, with the date "1424" included in the dating.

Sudan 50 Dinars 1423/2002
Sudan's 50 Dinars coin of 1423/2002 (scan scaled to 200dpi).

   The third of my 21st century coins of Sudan is currently the highest denomination coin in Sudan - it is a 50 Dinars coin, apparently of Copper-Nickel and with a plain edge. This type has overall designs similar to the rest of the "Dinar" series - a fairly predictable design.

   So what next for Sudanese circulation coinage ? The WBCCNewsmail 387 (dated January 10th 2004) had, as its third item, a report giving information from an official at Sudan's mint in Khartoum. The information was that the mint is working on having bi-metallic coins of 50 Dinars and of 100 Dinars for use in Sudan. A bi-metallic trial piece denominated 100 Dinars was confirmed as existing, also detailed was the fact that the design on this trial piece is bilingual, with English legends appearing [not just Arabic inscriptions].
   Sudan's circulation coins have, as yet, only included Arabic legends - so why this apparently planned changed of adding English legends ? I was, by chance, in mid-January 2004, pointed to a report in the British press about the possibility of some further new Sudanese coins. I managed to find the apparent source of the British press report, it was the news site of the "UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs" - to be found at  - . Having read that report and to put it simply - a recent step towards finally bringing an end to the long running civil war in Sudan (between north and south - with the south wanting to have itself more freedom/independence) included an agreement to establish a dual banking system in the country, in which the north will have an Islamic system (generally  - with zero interest) and the south will have a "Western" system. It was also mentioned in the report that "a new national currency is to be introduced".
   Putting the above details together with the information on the trial 100 Dinars coin - it rather seems that the 100 Dinars trial has included English legends for the benefit of the south of Sudan and that English legends will before long be seen on all Sudanese coinages issues.


    Per info in WBCC Newsmail 454 Item 3 (dated 23/April/2005) - plans for a 100 Dinar bi-metallic coin have now been shelved because the next intended change for Sudan’s coinage, as a part of the recent peace agreement, is for a change back to the Pound as the currency unit. I can only assume this to mean that all Sudanese coinage (and banknotes) could soon be revised yet again in terms of denominations, physical sizes, colours and designs.

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NOTE : The background image for this page is the camel etc.. design as seen on the reverses of Sudanese coins of the types
introduced for circulation in 1956 - some of those types are amongst the easiest Sudanese coins to find.

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