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Chambre of Commerce Tokens and other Notgeld

Oran (Algeria) 25 Centimes 1922
Oran 25 Centimes 1922 token, KM-TnE5 (Image from Clifford Anderson)

   There were a great variety of low denomination tokens issued in France around the 1920's, the majority being issued by town or city Chambres of Commerce. Around this time Algeria was considered part of France and so in a similar way tokens were issued by Algerian Chambres of Commerce. In addition to the Chambre of Commerce in Oran (above) and those in Alger and Bone (see both below), tokens were also issued in Bougie and Constantine. These tokens can be found listed in recent editions of the Standard Catalog of World Coins (Krause Publications). The SCWC listings show that some of the pieces of this series are undated, the others bearing dates in the range 1915 to 1922. Here are some more examples.....

Oran (Algers) 10 Centimes 1918
Algers 10 Centimes 1918 KM-TnA5 but with "J.BORY." contrary to SCWC info for this date.

Bone (Algeria) 5 Centimes (No Date)
Bone 5 Centimes (No Date) KM-TnB1

Bone (Algeria) 10 Centimes (No Date)
Bone 10 Centimes (No Date) KM-TnB3 - (Image from Eugene Freeman)

Oran (Algeria) 10 Centimes 1921
Oran 10 Centimes 1921 KM-TnE2 - (Image from Eugene Freeman)

Bone (Algeria) 50 Centimes (No Date)
Bone 50 Centimes (No Date) KM-TnB6 - Copper-Nickel types are rather generally
rather scare in this series - (Image from Eugene Freeman)

Finally one piece that, likely since it is issued by a merchant (a clock maker "horologerie"), is not listed in the "Standard Catalog of World Coins" (KP Books).

Sidi Bel-Abbes (Algeria) 10 Centimes Souvenir
10 Centimes - Souvenir de la Guerra Mondiale (Souvenir of the World War) - Sidi Bel-Abbes
(Image from Eugene Freeman)

The two main references in which this type can be found are:

(1) "A Catalogue of French Emergency Tokens of 1914-1922" by Robert A. Lamb (1966); and
(2) "Monnaies de Necessite Francaises 1789-1990" by Victor Gadoury and R. Elie (1990).

In (1) the piece is listed as Lamb 1.1 (in the SIDI-BEL-ABBES (ALGERIA) section) which also mentions how the issuers was a clock maker.

In (2) the piece is listed as Gadoury 3.3 (in the ALGERIE - SIDI-BEL-ABBES - Oran section)

Note: Images on this page are to varying scales.

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