Some Comorien Tokens

Comores Casino 50 
Comoros 50 Franc slot machine token (scaled to about 210dpi)

 Comores Casino 100
Comoros 100 Franc slot machine token (scaled to about 210dpi)

Comores Casino 250 
Comoros 250 Franc slot machine token (scaled to about 210dpi)

    First these three token of face value 50, 100 and 250 Francs as are used (perhaps not presently - but seemingly much of the past 20 years) in the gaming machines of the casinos at the Galawa Beach Hotel and the Itsandra Hotel, both on Grande Comore (Ngazidja). The three tokens all seem to be made from Aluminium-Bronze and are all the sam colour - though the different lighting makes the "250" look a little different in colour to the other two.

Grand Comoro 25 Centimes
Grand Comore 25 Centimes (No date) KM-Tn1a, scale approximately 200dpi. (Image from Eugene Freeman)

Secondly an example of one of a number of types of Comorien tokens from early in the 20th century (around 1920). The legends read “SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME DE LA GRAND COMORE” // “BON DE 25c REBOURSABLE”. These are not cheap tokens, unlike some of the French emergency issues from around the time.

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