Congo (Republic)

A Casino Token

Casino Carnaval gaming token
A Gaming Token from "Carnaval Casino" (actual size 24mm)

    Until I got this piece I was not aware of any gaming tokens for the Republic of Congo. To the obverse of this piece there is a central design of one large and five smaller five-pointed stars; above this “CARNAVAL CASINO” and below it “POINTE NOIRE”. To the reverse there is a joker juggling with 6 balls, with “NO CASH VALUE” below. The token seems to be made from Stainless Steel; it has a plain edge and a diameter of 24mm. This token would just seem to be a normal slot machine token. Pointe Noire is on the Atlantic coast and is the second largest city in the Republic of Congo. The token came from the Republic of Congo in early 2008.

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