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A Transport Token
Some Casino Tokens
A Club Token ?

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A Transport Token

An old Egyptian transport token
French language on a tranport token of Cairo from 1920.

    Egyptian coins from earlier on in the 20th century show an amount of British influence, a reflection on the influence that Britain had on Egypt at the time. One of the more obvious signs of British influence on Egypt’s coins of this time is that fact that most of Egypt’s coins from 1904 to the 1940’s were made in Great Britain, mostly by The Mint, Birmingham. The French also had quite a presence in Egypt around this time but this does not show in any coins. UPDATE (at 2008) – I have seen offered a few times, a piece like this one but with date 1925, there may also be one or two other versions. The legends on my Egyptian piece are in French, on the obverse “TRAMWAYS DE CAIRE” and on the reverse “1920” / “BON POUR UNE  COURSE A TARIFF NORMALE” and also similar in Arabic on the reverse. The main French legend means something like “Good for one standard rate fare”. I also now have an Italian transport token perhaps struck from a blank identical to that used for my “Tramways du Caire” token (including a central hole). My Italian piece reads - on the obverse “VALE PER UNA CORSA A TARIFFA RIDOTTA 1920” (roughly “Good for one reduced rate fare”) - and on the reverse “TRAMVIE DEL COMUNE DI MILANO” and it too is about 24mm in diameter. A larger, 30mm, Milan token type also exists, it is very much the same as my Italian piece, except for word “NORMALE” (meaning “Standard”) being in place of “RIDOTTA” (meaning “REDUCED”) in the reverse legend. “TRAMWAYS DE CAIRE” was a Belgian investment company with investments in tramways in many countries around this time.

Some Casino Tokens

A recent Egyptian casino token
A token from  Omar Khayyam Casino in Cairo (Image from Forrest Stevens)

    This is a recent casino token from the Omar Khayyam Casino which is located within the Cairo Marriott, Saraya El Gezira St., Zamalek, Cairo. This token is 25mm diameter and of Copper-Nickel. It would seem to seem that this is for use with the Video Poker games in the casino as all the other available games there (according to the “Casinocity” website) are at tables e.g. roulette.

Another recent Egyptian casino token
Another token from  Omar Khayyam Casino in Cairo.

In November 2003 I managed to find myself an example of one of these tokens, it is, as you see, a little different. The legends on this piece are all in upper case and "EGYPT" is not included. As with the other piece, obverse and reverse designs are the same. In May 2005 I got an example of a third casino token type from this casino. It is as per the second variety above but is of diameter 27mm (as opposed to 25mm) and is of an alooy of a slightly different silvery colour. The person who got me this larger piece had actually been to this casino earlier in the year. He was able to found out for me that the 25mm pieces are of value 25 U.S. Cents in the casino (a quite common value for that size) and the 27mm pieces are of value 1 U.S. Dollar in the casino.

A further Egyptian casino token
A further token from  Omar Khayyam Casino in Cairo, (actual diameter 37mm).

In 2007 I acquired this larger Omar Khayyam Casino token. This larger token is 37mm in diameter and seems to be made from Nickel-Brass. One side of this piece includes more obvious images of Egypt – the Sphinx and a pyramid, the other side is as per my 25mm and 27mm tokens from this casino. I might guess that this piece has a value of 5 USD in the casino – but this is only a guess. 

A Club Token ?

Cairo - Kit Kat Lido Token
Another Egyptian Token

The is piece is apparently of Brass and has a diameter of 23mm.
I believe this to be a club token from Cairo. The "P1" likely relates to "1 Piastre".
I have no idea how scarce it might be - it was a much appreciated gift rather than a purchase from a dealer.
Does anyone have some info for me on this one ? (See Egypt Token Page 4 of 4)

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Update - addition of Kit Kat Lido piece at March 2003.
Update - addition of image & info of my Omar Khayyam Casino token and update on tramways piece at February 2004.
Update - further info on the Omar Khayyam Casino tokens at August 2005
Update - addition of image of further Omar Khayyam Casino token and another update on tramways piece at July 2008.