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Kololi Casino token
Token from Kololi Casino

    The Gambia is one of African countries for which I only know of one token type and here it is. This token is from Kololi Casino, this establishment is in Senegambia, the main tourist district in The Gambia and it opened in 1991. The token will be for slot machines. The design on each side is the same. “KOLOLI CASINO” above-around / two entwined horseshoes depicted in the centre with three small five-pointed stars to the right, within the end of one of the horseshoes / “THE GAMBIA” below-around between two large diamond spacers. The approximate dimensions of the token are:- diameter 25mm, 7.5 grams. The token is made from Copper-Nickel and has a plain edge. There is no indication of a denomination and I have no information regarding the value that the token was used as.

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There is perhaps just one other casino in The Gambia - it is the one at "The Dunes Resort and Casino", near Banjul, the capital city of The Gambia.

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