Casino de Paradise  5  Token
My Kenyan casino token. Casino Paradise - 5 Shillings

    I recently acquired this Kenyan slot machine token. It is from the “Casino de Paradise” which is at the “Safari Park Hotel” in Nairobi. The word Shilling is not mention on the piece but this piece is of face value 5 Shillings. As you can see the piece is Nickel-Brass (or something similar), it has a diameter of 26mm. There is also a 10 Shilling token with a very similar design to the 5 Shilling token shown above, the 10 Shilling tokens though have a diameter of 29mm and are made from Copper-Nickel.
    There are around ten other casinos in Kenya, about half of them in Nairobi. It would seem likely that there will be other slot machine tokens from the Kenyan casinos.

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The above item of mine appeared, just as above, in the November 2003 edition of the Numismatics International Bulletin (page 348, pages numbered through the year).