A Casino Token

Casino Monrovia 25 Cents
Casino Monrovia 25 Cents (scaled to about 275dpi)

Here we have a token from Liberia – the only one I have. It is a casino token. I have noticed this type offered on the internet on a few occasions and have seen images of several other Liberian casino token types. There are otherwise very few other modern tokens from the country to be found.

The origin of this particular token is a bit obvious – with the casino being named on both sides, Monrovia being Liberia’s capital city. The legends are:- obverse – centrally, large “25c” (“c” is cent symbol) then “CASINO MONROVIA” above-around and “GOOD ONLY IN MACHINES” below-around; reverse – “GAME TOKEN” centrally then “CASINO MONROVIA” above-around and “NO CASH VALUE” below-around. The rims and edge are plain, the material would seem to be Brass and the diameter is about 25.5mm.

The phrases on gaming/casino tokens from around the world often come about from gaming legislation “NO CASH VALUE” being seen on tokens from a number of countries. The phrase “GOOD ONLY IN MACHINES” is not one I have seen before, perhaps it is unique to Liberia. It would seem that Casino Monrovia is now closed.

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