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Telephone Tokens

Morocco PTT Token
My "PTT MAROC" telephone token of Morocco. (200 dpi)

   Here is an old telephone token from Morocco. Notice on the image, on the obverse, the cornucopia privy mark of Monnaie de Paris, it is just below the letter "R". I have a few recent French tokens with this privy mark, some pieces with a pair of these. On coins made by Monnaie de Paris, the cornucopia privy mark is always accompanied by a privy mark for the Engraver General (e.g. in recent years - dolphin, bee or horseshoe).
   On the reverse of the token there are two round bottomed horizontal grooves. Quite a number of telephone tokens (and other machine tokens) from other parts of the world also have grooves, some have round-bottomed groove and others flat-bottomed ones. (I have seen tokens with "V"-Bottomed grooves too, but not telephone tokens.) Only tokens have grooves of any sort and never coins - so grooves are an easy way for discriminator mechanisms to distinguish between coins and tokens - and size, shape, spacing and number of grooves are a useful way for the mechanisms to distinguish between one type of token and another. Grooves, of course, cannot be struck onto a coin - too much material would require to be displaced - it would seem that grooves are normal cast (and occassionally formed). The grooves on the PTT MAROC tokens go nearly halfway through the thickness of the token, most grooved tokens I have seem to have grooves very close to half the token thickness.

Around a year after getting my Moroccan telephone token above and got information of there actually being two varieties of this token type.

Maroc PTT varieties
The two varieties of MAROC/PTT token. Horizontal grooves on reverse and
Vertical grooves on reverse. Image from Kenji Natsume. (200dpi)

Of these two varieties only that with horizontal grooves on the reverse is detailed in "Catalog of Telephone and Telegraph Tokens", by H. A. Groenendijk, published January 1989. There it is listed as type A-1 for Morocco.

There is one other token type listed under Morocco in "Catalog of Telephone and Telegraph Tokens" it is the "AFTECO".

Morocco AFTECO token
The "AFTECO" token. Image from Ciro Marta. (scaled to 200dpi)

The catalogue lists this token as type B-1 in the Morocco listing and the diameter is given as 22.6mm. The obverse reads "AFTECO" / "MAROC" and the reverse reads "TAXIPHONE" / "AUTELCA".

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