A Casino Token

Mauritius - Sun International Limited 2 Rupee Token
A Sun International casino token from Mauritius.

The above piece, bears the legends “Sun International Token”, “Rs 2”, “MAURITIUS” and “2 RUPEE TOKEN”. So what is this all about ?

Sun International Hotels Limited is an international resort and gaming company, established in 1993. They acquired various operations in the Indian Ocean in March 1995. Those initial acquisitions in that part of the world have likely grown a little since then and now amount to five hotel/resorts on Mauritius (two of which have casinos these are “Le Saint Géran” and “La Pirogue”) and two on Comores (one of which has a casino this one is “Le Galawa Beach”.

Hotels, generally, do occasionally find other uses for tokens, but rather likely the token shown above was just for use in the casinos within the two Mauritian hotels named above. I do not know whether or not there are any tokens specially for the casino within the Comorien “Le Galawa Beach” resort.

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