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Pirates Casino 10 Kwacha
My Malawian Token of 10 Kwacha from Pirates Casino (scale 200dpi)

    In 2007 I got my first tokens from Malawi; the first tokens of Malawi that I had known of. All four of them are of a very similar design, the common obverse featuring the portrait of a pirate with the legend “PIRATES CASINO LILONGWE MALAWI” around (on several lines). The denomination and a ship appear on all reverses. The 10 Kwacha token is illustrated above as an example. The 2, 5 and 10 Kwacha tokens have diameters of 22mm, 24mm and 26mm respectively, they are Copper-Nickel and have plain edges. The 20 Kwacha is 22mm in diameter (as per the 2 Kwacha), it has a plain edge and is made from an alloy from similar to Copper-Nickel though very slightly yellow. The page mentions “American Palace Pirates Casino” in Lilongwe.

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