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    In 1971 the Seychelles got their first airport, a jet strip on Mahe, the main island. Such a facility and the International Airport that the Seychelles now has are a near essential requirement for tourism on the islands. The tropical weather and beaches rather help too. As with many other similar such countries around the world there are a few relatively big hotels in the Seychelles and several of them have casinos. I have one token from a Seychelles casino.

Beau Vallon Beach Hotel
Beau Vallon Beach Hotel Casino Token

    The “Beau Vallon Beach Hotel” named on the piece shown above would seem to be the hotel (with casino) now known as Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort & Casino. There are a couple of other hotels with casinos in the Beau Vallon Bay area, none have a name as appears on my token, but this one is the closest. Furthermore it is known that the Berjaya Group Berhad (a Malaysian group) did acquire this hotel in 1994 so there will rather likely have been a name change at around that time. The token is of Copper-Nickel and of 25mm - this is the general appearance of the 25 cent slot tokens found is the U.S.A. and numerous other places around the world.

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