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A Few Slot Machine Tokens For Arcade Gaming
A Few Slot Machine Tokens From Casinos

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A Few Slot Machine Tokens For Arcade Gaming

    Some machine tokens can be attributed to a town, city or at least country straight away - especially since some have the name of a town, city or country on them. Other tokens take a bit of working out and some pieces - well I just have to give up on them. If I can't at least attribute a piece to a country then sometime the best I can do is guess that the piece will be from a country that uses the language as seen on the piece.

The Magic Company - Game Token
My "The Magic Company" token at 200dpi (from 600dpi scan). Brass/Bronze covered Steel, 28mm.

    This piece with its "The Magic Company" logo, I acquired around a year ago, I could only guess this piece was British or perhaps from the U.S.A. It seemed impossible that I would never work out just where this piece was from - but that changed when a South African visitor to this site sent me some images of a few slot machine tokens he had. A piece just as above was in one of the images he sent - so at last I had a South African gaming token in my collection. I was told that "The Magic Company" runs a very large arcade in the Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and is owned by the same company that runs the casino nearby it. The arcade has now switched to a magnetic card system for gaming credits.

    Knowing that this was a piece from a South African company I was able to do a useful search on the internet for more information. The most notable thing that the search found was that there is also a "The Magic Company" outlet at the entrance to the casino at the Royal Swazi Sun hotel/complex. So maybe I thought these tokens have been used not only in a few other outlets in South Africa but also in one in Swaziland. Then around May 2003 a well-rated seller on eBay offered one of these pieces and said it was from Djerba, Tunisia. This reminded me that the bulk coins/tokens that my "The Magic Company" piece came from were likely those from which I got a couple of Casino Caraibe (Sousse, Tunisia) 0.05 Dinar tokens. So just maybe my "The Magic Company" piece was used in Tunisia.

Video Magic - Game Token
A similar token - Video Magic  /  Fun Centres  /  No Cash Value, reduced to a scale of 200dpi. Brass covered Steel, 28mm.

Another gaming token from a South African gaming arcade, reduced to a scale of 200dpi.

    This token is another from a South African gaming arcade. In fact my source for info on “The Magic Company” (above) has previously told me that he has one of these pieces and he got it from use in a Port Elizabeth gaming arcade. The piece reads
“WONDERLAND”, “NOT REFUNDABLE”, “NO CASH VALUE”. The piece is Brass (toned) and has a 25mm diameter. There are some other pieces with similar designs to this.

A Few Slot Machine Tokens From Casinos

    Perhaps as a result of greater legal controls on casinos, the casino slot tokens I have from South Africa all detail the name and location of their issuer. Maybe that is a feature of all such South African pieces. This is in contrast to the arcade tokens, none of those detailed above, nor any of the few others I have seen, include the name of a location.

Caesars Casino 50 Cent Token
My 50 Cent Token from Caesars Casino.

   This is a 50 Cent token from Caesars Casino, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. This casino currently has 1500 slot machines ! The portrait logo on the token is fairly prominent on the casino’s website.

Monte Vista Casino 50 Cent
My 50 Cent Token from Monte Vista Casino. Scale 200dpi. Cu-Ni, 22mm.

Monte Vista Casino 1 Rand
My 1 Rand Token from Monte Vista Casino. Scale 200dpi. Cu-Ni, 24mm.

   These are 50 Cent and 1 Rand tokens from Monte Vista Casino. Monte Vista Casino and Conference Centre opened in September 1999 and is located in Newscastle in the province of Kwazulu Natal. Amongst the centre’s numerous facilities are 200 slot machines. The logo within the casino’s name and location appears on the homepage of the casino’s website. I am not too sure about the meaning of the other images/devices on these pieces.

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