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Some Modern Tokens From Algeria

Algerian Telephone Token
An Algerian Telephone Token at 200dpi - (Image from Kenji Natsume)

    The Arabic legends on the obverse translate to - "Algerian Democratic People's Republic" . The coumntry title is around a central legends that tranlates as "Public Telephone". The latters "P.T.T.", assumably the telephone company name, appear on the reverse, in the groove, just as they do on other French made telephone tokens of this style. The privy marks on this side of the token (owl for engraver general above and cornucopia for the mine below) confirm this as product of the French Mint. The combination of country title and owl privy mark date this piece (or at least the time of the first issuance of this particular type) to somewhere between 1962 and 1974. As you can see this piece is Copper-Nickel.

An Alger - Bon Pour Consommer - Token
A "Bon Pour Consommer" Token from Alger at 200dpi - (Image from Kenji Natsume)

    This second modern token from Algeria is apparently as issued by a company "Omnium Automatique" of Algers, Algeria. That company assumably sold goods from vending machines. The reverse legend is "BON POUR CONSOMMER", French meaning "Good for Food or Drink". This legend is often seen on French tokens. Just in case you cannot read it - the incuse word on each side adjacent to the central hole is "VOLANT" - could that be the name of the company who struck the token ? The piece seems to be made from Nickel-plated-Brass.

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