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Three Older Tokens
A Casino Token

Three older Tokens

The “Standard Catalog of World Coins” (KP Books, 38th edition, 2011) lists quite a number of Notgeld pieces dated 1920 to 1921, and issued by a total of four different Chambres of Commerce. Here are three examples.

Rufisque 5 Centimes 1920
Rufisque 5 Centimes 1920 (Image from Eugene Freeman)

This first piece is Senegal KM-Tn12, Rufisque Chambre of Commerce 5 Centimes 1920.

Rufisque 5 Centimes 1920
Dakar 10 Centimes 1920 (Image from Eugene Freeman)

This second piece is Senegal KM-Tn3, Dakar Chambre of Commerce 10 Centimes 1920.

Ziguinchor 1 Franc 1921
Ziguinchor 1 Franc 1921 (Image from Jim Jacobs)

This third piece is Senegal KM-Tn18, Ziguinchor Chambre of Commerce 1 Franc 1921.

Note: The three images above are to varying scales.

A Casino Token

Senegal - Casino Terrou Bi 100 CFA
Token of "100 CFA" from "Casino Terrou Bi" in Dakar, Senegal.

Perhaps at least as hard to come by as the Senegal notgeld tokens, but not at all as sought after - this is the only Senegal casino token type I am aware of. The obverse reads “casino terrou bi” / “100” / “CFA”, with "CFA" being for the denomination "100 Francs CFA", Senegal uses the West African CFA Franc. The reverse reads “casino terrou bi” and below this legend there is a depiction of the waves of the sea and the sun."Casino Terrou Bi" is in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal. The token has a diameter of 26mm and would seem to be made from Aluminium-Bronze. Going by the various features of the tokens, it would seem likely that it was in use somewhere around 5 to 20 years ago.

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